Friendly’s on Buckland Street in Manchester, Connecticut is open for business.


Write-up & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb

At one time Friendly’s Restaurants, with their quaint-looking ice cream parlor exteriors and interiors, and wholesome all-American image seemed to be located in most every town in several states along the East Coast. Their original owners were brothers who started out by opening an ice cream shop in Massachusetts in the 1930s. Eventually, Friendly’s became a chain and a go-to spot for sandwiches and sundaes.

In addition to having unique eating places as an option, more and more chain restaurants are now available to consumers. As well, a sluggish economy has impacted how consumers spend their money.

Not long ago, Friendly’s filed for bankruptcy and closed several of  what have been described as the weaker restaurants. However, more than 400 shops have remained opened. In Connecticut’s Greater Hartford area, a number of  Friendly’s remain open for business, including one on Buckland Street in Manchester and another in Vernon. Thus far, both appear to be weathering the financial storm as customers continue to stop in for Big Beef Chesseburgers and Happy Ending Sundaes.

A Facebook campaign is underway called “Save Friendly’s in Connectciut.” Apparently, folks in the Nutmeg State are hoping Friendly’s story will have a happy ending.

(Writer’s note: As I come across additional Friendly’s that remain open, that information will be added to this post.) 

Also still open in CT:Avon on Rt. 44, East Windsor, Southington, Unionville, Windham on west end of Main Street, Wethersfield Plaza…


Wethersfield Plaza, CT

Sign change-Unionville, Ct 2/20/2012

Unionville, CT

Friendly’s in Vernon, CT also remains open

A February 17, 2012 delivery at Friendly’s in Vernon, CT