Article & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett

Although the older, blighted Broad Street Parkade in Manchester, Connecticut is slated for demolition, the West Middle Turnpike portion of Manchester Parkade is open for business, buoyed by the addition of a fitness center.

Since the arrival of Cardio Express, which took over an empty storefront, more and more cars fill the lot on the west end of the shopping strip daily. Anchoring the eastern end is busy Stop & Shop Supermarket.

An approximate half mile walk from one end of the shopping strip to the other, it is a good mini workout unto itself. In between are a number of stops, including women’s clothing stores Fashion Bug and DOTS, the low cost retail Joey’z Shopping Spree, Radio Shack, Majesty Bible & Books, a dollar store, health shoppe and a candy store.


As well there is a second hand store for baby clothes and accessories such as carriages. Columbia Dental has a branch here and there is a military recruitment office.

Shady Glen at the Parkade

Continuing as one of the biggest attractions at the Parkade is Shady Glen restaurant, an ice cream and sandwich shop that also serves breakfast. Unique to Manchester, Shady Glen at the Parkade is one of two in town – the original is located on Route 6 headed towards Bolton. Shady Glen is best known for its crispy cheese on hamburgers and frankfurters and their own ice cream in an abundance of flavors. There is also a Royal Buffet restaurant. Within the Parkade, but in stand alone buildings across the way, are a Bank of America branch and a law firm. Around back, across the road is the revived Parkade Cinemas, currently showing some of the latest releases like Joyful Noise. 

The Parkade is in central Manchester. It is easy enough to access – virtually a straight line to drive off Route 6 from the east or off I-84 coming from the west.