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Centennial Commemoration U.S. Entrance Into World War I

Posted on April 6, 2017

Write-Up by Jacqueline Bennett   Today, April 6, 2017, marks 100 years since the United States joined the World War I fight “over there”. Titled “In Sacrifice for Liberty & Peace”, the National Centennial Commemoration of the Entry into WWI by the United States will be hosted in Kansas City, Missouri at the National World War I Museum. The anniversary has special meaning for me because my Great Uncle Frank Sheedy served in World War I. This past Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2016, I wrote about Great Uncle Frank in a newsandviewsjb post.       Uncle Frank was a modest man who would be the first to say he need not have a fuss made over him. Nonetheless, it is for those…

On Veterans Day Remembering “Doughboy” – Uncle Frank Sheedy

Posted on November 11, 2016

By Jacqueline Bennett   It was World War I that brought our Great Uncle Frank Sheedy to us. As it was told to me as a little girl, Uncle Frank had been gassed by the enemy. Upon returning to his home state of New York he was sent upstate to recuperate and came to Sunny Crest Farm in Bloomingburg, New York, which was owned and operated by my family. There he forged a lifelong bond with the Bennett Family.   What I remember most about Uncle Frank were his bright blue eyes, his gentle spirit and the sweet, gracious letters he penned. Vividly I recall Uncle Frank seated in his recliner by the bay window -cane at his side- in Aunt June’s dining…