Squalls created near and total whiteouts on January 30 in CT, worse than these snowy conditions seen here from years past.


By Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com


An Arctic blast has sweep Connectcut with temperatures expected to drop to 24 degrees below zero in parts of the state this morning, January 31. Residents who need to go outside, are being warned to take precautions ~ covering the skin which can freeze quickly in such extreme cold.


Last evening intense snow squalls created near and total white-out conditions, accompanied by whipping winds leaving zero visibility along the way. The squalls arrived in the Greater Hartford area between 5:30-6 p.m. creating a blizzard-like effect. They lasted only minutes as they passed through, followed by calm. 


Anyone who has ever been caught in a snow squall knows it can be scary. Squalls come on fast as heavy snow whirls at a rapid speed making visibility nearly impossible. Fortunately weather reports were on the nose in predicting the oncoming squalls for yesterday giving CT residents time to prepare here.


Meanwhile, in Penn and New York multi vehicle pile-ups and injuries were reported. Severe cold is consuming a wide band of regions across the United States. The polar vortex has brought even more extreme sub-zero temperatures to the Mid-West, 60 degrees below in places. The Super Bowl is slated for February 3 in Atlanta, Georgia, where a cold snap has also hit.