By Jacqueline Bennett


“Mercury Retrograde” is upon us, a good time say some online sites for anything that begins with “re” ~ re-flection, re-do’s, re-invention, re-consideration, re-connecting and perhaps re-tribution. Do not, warn “Mercury Retrograde” followers, schedule elective medical procedures, switch jobs, buy a house or car, start or end a relationship, or make any major decisions until after April 15th. Why? Last night on March 22 slightly after 7 p.m., the planet mercury entered retrograde or reverse motion, which will remain in effect through the 15th of April.


Mercury is not physically moving backwards but it appears to be from here on earth, an “optical illusion”says The planetary illusion has taken on a life of its own as the “Mercury Retrograde” phenomenon. Put forth by astrologers, a theory or superstition depending on one’s point of view, often blamed for misfortune and, or, weird occurrences for earth dwellers. It also includes a “pre and post” shadowing phase, that can be interpreted to mean strange or bad things may start happening on the approach to and departure of this planetary phase.  Some believers say “Mercury Retrograde” is fertile ground for “Murphy’s Law” which cautions that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Murphy’s Law is an epigram, not an actual law. 


On the other hand notes, for those who have been DONE WRONG ~ thanks to the karma of
“Mercury Retrograde” ~ retribution may be on the horizon for the offenders.  


NASA describes Mercury as the “swiftest” of all the planets. Arguably, mercury has periodically entered retrograde since the beginning of the solar system. Due to the speed of mercury, two more retrograde phases are ahead in 2018,  7/25-8/19 and  11/17-12/6. 



Why all the fervor now? It seems there is renewed interest in astrology by the 18-24 year old crowd, many of whom according to an article in, think astrology is a science. Astrology, which is the study of movements of and relative positions of celestial objects used in part to explain human circumstances, has been traced back to the 2nd Millennium BCE. Most of us are likely familiar with astrological sun signs – I was born under the sign of Aries.


Scientists say astrology is not an actual science. Hum… there may be a ‘not actual’ pattern here. Nevertheless, why tempt fate?


What ~re~ will you be doing during “Mercury Retrograde.?”