What is the language of roses?

By: Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com


Romance & roses go hand-in-hand, especially on Valentine’s Day when thoughts turn to matters of the heart.


The “alluring” scents, textures and colors of roses have made them the most popular flowers, notes ProFlower.com. Typically red roses are associated with love. However, there are all kinds of love, and as it turns out different color roses convey different messages, as do the number of roses selected. 



The old Frank Sinatra standard tells of love being “lovelier” the second time around, “just as wonderful with both feet on the ground.” If you have a second chance at love, you may want to consider sending a bouquet of lavender & white roses. In the language of roses says NewEnglandLiving.com, lavender and white roses represent second chances. 


Burgundy roses are said to symbolize beauty, white ~ purity & spiritual love, yellow ~ friendship, coral ~ desire, orange ~ fascination, pink ~ admiration, and lavender on it own ~ love at first sight. Combinations of colors have added meanings. For example, the second chance lavender & white mix or yellow & red ~ love that has blossomed from friendship. 


Love by the numbers NewEnglandLiving.com goes on to say, translates into: one ~ my one and only; two ~ we are a couple; three ~’I love you’; six ~ ‘I miss you’; twelve ~ true love; thirteen ~ secret admirer; and OMG! fifty – unconditional love.


Traditionally, men send women red rose(s) on Valentine’s Day. How far have we evolved in the 21st Century when it comes to women sending men roses? Flower Etiquette by Ode a la Rose suggests colors other than softer pastel shades, which are seen as feminine. Instead pick blue, brown, or burgundy. Nonetheless, it seems color selection should be a personal judgement call. Send him roses adds Flower Etiquette, if he already knows of your affections or, if you want to reveal your affections. Again – a personal judgement call.


Now that you have been schooled in the language of roses, what message will you send today?