My sisters, Mom, Mike, and me (standing in back row, right) at Fenway Park.

By Jacqueline Bennett


As much as I enjoyed watching last night’s 9-6 Boston Red Sox win over the New York Yankees, a “broad brush” comment in the commentator’s booth requires clarification. It was an off-the-cuff remark by a guest in the booth – introduced I believe as a Burlington,Vermont broadcaster and former football player – there to promote the upcoming college football events at Fenway.


Sporting Red Sox gear at Cheers in Boston.

Describing most of Vermont as Red Sox fans, he added that since Burlington was a college town it attracted kids who are Yankees fans from New York and Connecticut. While it may be that the lower portion of Connecticut leans towards the pin stripes, please do not lump all of us into this characterization. Drive north along the 91 corridor in Connecticut and as the late September crispness in the air becomes sharper and the autumn leaves of October turn a deeper hue, make no mistake about it – you are in Red Sox country.



Born and reared in Connecticut, I and many of my family are lifelong Red Sox fans. My mother was a lifelong Red Sox fan. Her father, my grandfather – a semi-pro catcher – was a lifelong Red Sox fan who dreamt of playing for the Sox. My dad was such a devoted Red Sox fan that he sat watching the games -quite literally- with a crying towel in hand back when winning seasons seemed to elude our beloved team.


Dad’s favorite spot at Fenway Park was behind first base. Mine is on the Bud Deck. No matter where one is seated, however, there is nothing quite like being at Fenway Park to join with other Red Sox fans in singing along with a resounding chorus of  “Sweet Caroline” during the 7th inning stretch.


So, thank you very much – like many – this Connecticut resident is a proud New Englander and loyal Red Sox fan.