Steamed carrots.

By Jacqueline Bennett



My morning began as it usually does, at the computer either writing an article or researching a story. About an hour into it, I stopped to prepare and cook some fresh vegetables for the day – broccoli and carrots. My nieces Debbie and Donna and my nephew’s wife Melane are all fabulous in the kitchen, and my sister Candy is becoming so – although time was when what she made best were reservations.


Truth be told, however, I’m not much of a cook. When it comes to cooking I have more in common with my niece Jillian who is fond of saying, “If I’m cooking, it IS a headline.” Actually, I am more at ease writing this piece about peeling and chopping than standing at the counter doing the peeling and chopping. In the past, I would schedule my time at the stove to avoid days or nights when I had to cover meetings, conduct interviews, etc. Not because of the labor involved, rather because of what steam does to my hair; think of the Monica character on “Friends” and the humidity frizz episode. 


Nonetheless in a cardiologist appeasing effort – I try. Yes, Dr. D I’m talking about you.


Tea & Spices cabinet.

Despite the fact that I adore my tea & spices cabinet, if you come to my place – pretty much expect everything to be seasoned with pepper, Light Promise and if I really get ambitious, olive oil. Probably my best dishes – in the past- have been lasagna which I used to make for my college friends, and baked chicken with melted Muenster cheese on top -or not- your choice. And, I’m told I can make a mean chocolate chip cookie.


Mixed reviews on my Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.

In recent times I have been working on expanding my three basic options, successfully adding grilled salmon. Yeah! But back in 2014 for my “Mom’s Recipe Box Family Series” I attempted to increase my baking repertoire to include Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, even purchasing a Whoopie Pie maker. They were met with mixed reviews.


Suffice to say, what hasn’t changed is that, if I’m preparing a meal for company, these are folks I’m truly interested in spending time with, and, or, getting to know.   



On the other hand if you’re into tea, come on over. My current favorite is ‘Jammin Lemon Ginger’. Herbal and caffeine free, it is said to be easy on the stomach and good for digestion. Put out by Celestial it tastes good too. My all time fav is Earl Grey. Add a touch of honey.


Back to the subject at hand. What exactly is the subject at hand? Remember “Seinfeld” – the television show about nothing. This is the newsandviews post about nothing. Why? Because as I said, I love writing much more than cooking.