Starbucks in Simsbury, CT.


Write-Up & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett


With snow falling outside, part of winter 2016/2017’s last stand here in the Northeast, today is ideal to find a cozy spot and partake in a last hot chocolate of the season or another warm beverage. Should you find your way to Connecticut’s Farmington Valley, a perfect place to take shelter from the cold is Starbucks in Simsbury.


At each end of the coffeehouse is a fireplace.


What makes this such a good choice for warming up with a cup of Joe while a chill is still in the air?


The Simsbury Starbucks boasts of not one, but two fireplaces. A fireplace is situated on each side of the restaurant. The space nearby is typically prime seating and almost always full, but occasionally a table or chair opens up. Grab it! It won’t be available for long.


Located in the Simsburytown Shops Plaza, this Starbucks with its rustic ambiance is across the street from the red stone town hall – Simsbury is known for its red stone buildings. The convenient locale has made the Simsbury Starsbucks a popular place for elected officials, town workers and reporters such as myself, when I was covering the town, to enjoy the Seattle-based coffeehouse chain’s signature blends, light bites or pastries. One of my favorite menu items is a slice of Iced Lemon Bar.


Inside is a stand of newspapers. As one who has devoted much of her life to print journalism, it is heartening to know newspaper reading is not a lost art everywhere. Many customers here indulge in their treats with newspaper in hand. Of course, there are also those who occupy themselves with computers and Smart Phones.


(Slightly off subject but nonetheless .. it was at this plaza outside Starbucks that a group of local veterans drove their vintage cars for me to snap some photo ops for the local paper, the cars were to be part of the annual Memorial Day Parade. Ironically, the pics got cropped down and the cars could not be seen. The veterans were good sports about it and their main concern, an appeal for greater participation, did get publicized.)


Back to the topic at hand. If it is not possible to check out the Starbucks in Simsbury today, not to worry. A few patio tables on the front veranda are quite pleasant in warm weather.


Starbucks, 930 Hopmeadow St., Simsbury, CT 860-651-7557