“PitCrew BBQ” owner Barry Bricarell.



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Barry Bricarell’s ex-wife is in Texas, that’s why “PitCrew BBQ” is in Hebron, Connecticut.


Isn’t there a George Strait song like that?


“Yes,” replied Bricarell with a grin, and mischievous twinkle in his eye during an interview March 20 at his roadside “REAL ‘Texas’ BBQ” cart on 1 Main Street.


A familiar sight no longer, Barry Bricarelli could not find someone to man the pit.

“PitCrew BBQ” became a familiar sight and popular stop in Hebron, CT but no longer – Barry Bricarell could not find someone to man the pit.

For the past three years or so, Bricarell’s “pit” has become a familiar sight and popular stop in the rear parking lot of the Congregational Church, where he rented the space along Route 85 near a major intersection.


“We always stayed busy,” he said.


As it turns out, after Sunday, the only way to enjoy his tasty brisket will be at private gatherings. His buddy Blaine has been helping and was there on Sunday, but Bricarell’s full-time job is working in air conditioning and he has not been able to find someone to man the pit while he’s on the job.


“This is a hobby,” he explained of his BBQ business.

So good...

So good…

Smoke rising.

Smoke rising.



Wood burner.



The mighty good taste of his BBQ is matched by the downhome cordiality of the cook who sports a slight “yes, Ma’am” Texas drawl. Originally from the Lone Star state, Bricarell said he began by making his BBQ for friends at home. It was so good that one friend suggested Bricarell enter a contest.




“I won,” he said.





That led to a 10 year BBQ venture in Texas which he carried over to his relocation to New England. He has since competed and won in other states. A key difference in Texas BBQ, he explained, is that cooking is done without sauce – in contrast to other styles. For Texas BBQ, sauce is an add on. As well with Bricarell’s BBQ, the actual fire from the wood burner never touches the meat.





Ironically, with the arrival of spring three days ago comes one of the two busiest seasons for BBQ, the other being summer, according to Bricarell.


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