Slip, sliding away in Manchester, Connecticut.

Slip, sliding away in Manchester, Connecticut.

Article & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett


Overall is was a beautiful sight and a typical New England snowfall.


Nonetheless, following weeks of unseasonably warm weather, parts of Connecticut were surprised Friday, February 5, with a foot or more of snow. Although the snow had been predicted, Winter Storm Barbara brought more inches than had been anticipated to areas, arriving in a wet, heavy form that caused power-lines to sag and snap. Compounded by whipping winds, the result was power outages (which had been predicted), as well as, motor vehicle accidents, school closings and a busy day for AAA. At peak, Eversource reported 65,000 customers without power, noted area broadcasters.

Yet, oh so beautiful!

Yet, oh so beautiful!



Taking on Mother Nature.


State, local and private plow drivers worked to clear the roads. Even so, traction was hard to come by for some motorists such as a USPS delivery truck that slid sideways around 9 a.m. before regaining control along Middle Turnpike in Manchester, Connecticut. Some 9 inches accumulated in Manchester, according to weather services. Meanwhile, snowblowers and shovelers took on Mother Nature while snow continued and they too worked to clear sidewalks and driveways. It was a chance for plow drivers who have faced lean earnings this season, to make a paycheck.



Signs outside the Main Pub whited out by the snowfall.

Main Pub whiteout.

Signs for a popular Manchester restaurant, the Main Pub, were whited-out by the snow. Old Glory continued to fly outside many businesses in the whipping winds. Despite a concerted effort statewide to trim back trees after a major snowstorm downed lines and left much of Connecticut in the dark a few years back, a number of tree branches across the city could be seen nearly faltering under the weight of yesterday’s snowfall. Fire hydrants waited to be dug out. In Chesterfield, located in the southeastern section of Connecticut “miles of roads” were reportedly closed to guard against the danger of live power lines “crisscrossing” the streets.

A weighty snowfall.

A weighty snowfall.



A fire hydrant waits to be dug out.

Early morning – a fire hydrant waits to be dug out.

Delay and closing alerts announced on Fox 61.

Weatherman Joe Furey delivers a snow update; delay and closing alerts announced on Fox 61.

Sanding the walkway outside Burger King.

Sanding the walkway for a local fast food spot on Center Street.

Old Glory whips in the wind outside a Manchester business.

Old Glory whips in the wind outside a Manchester, CT business.

Snowplowers  who had an lean earnings until Friday, were out making a paycheck.

Snowplowers facing lean earnings this season, were out Friday, February 5, 2016 with a chance to make a paycheck.


Sun is expected for the weekend. Don’t set aside snow gear, however, is citing a wintry pattern settling in the Northeast this coming week accompanied by more cold, with more snow possible.