Photo by Jacqueline Bennett Manchester, Connecticut Thanksgiving Day Road Race



Write-Up & Photo by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com


Excitement is building in Manchester, Connecticut with the 79th Manchester Road Race held on Thanksgiving but two days away. Late Tuesday morning 13,848 runners had signed up and on-line registration remained open. As has been reported previously on newsandviewsjb, about two weeks before race day it is typical to see runners training along the course which travels through downtown. With the arrival of race eve, the town comes alive with participants and an annual homecoming of sorts which fills local pubs.


On race day, followers have their preferred spectator spots – a favorite of mine is near the Army & Navy Club. The featured photo above is one I snapped outside the club – notice how I managed to spotlight sweatshirts from my alma mater of UConn among the crowd. This juncture precedes a turn from Main Street onto Hartford Road where runners pass the ever popular Hungry Tiger on the way towards Highland Hill – what some have dubbed ‘Heartbreak Hill’.


For the second consecutive year, the Manchester Road Race is offering bonuses to the “fastest hill runners” notes https:/www.manchesterroadrace.com/NewsShell.html. A $1,000 bonus will go to the first male and female runners to reach a designated location near “the top of the course’s challenging Highland Street hill”. However, the incentive comes with a stipulation that those first runners to make it to the top of the hill must as well place among the top ten finishers in their divisions in order to get the bonuses. Keeping it interesting for Manchester’s signature annual event.


See you on race day!