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The tale of “Joe Froggers”.

There are places quickly marked for return visits and one of those is the Bake Shoppe at the Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Located on the rear, lower level, rich aromas waifing from the bakery greet visitors on their way to dine at the popular Ebenezer Tavern or Tap Room. The Bake Shoppe, however, is popular unto itself.


Near Old Sturbridge Village, a living museum where New England life from the 1790s – 1830s is recreated, the Publick House follows a Colonial theme. Some recipes used by the Bake Shoppe date back centuries.


Molasses was considered a go-to New England ingredient as highlighted by a special item here – “Joe Froggers”. A synopsis of the tale of these soft-centered molasses cookies is told on each wrapped bundle of two. As well they have been written up in Yankee Magazine. Said to have originated in Marblehead, MA. they were huge. Some say the cookies resembled a frog and stayed fresh at length, so not only locals but sailors returning to the sea sought out Joe’s Froggers.


Famous pecan rolls found in the bread baskets served at Publick House restaurants are available at the Bake Shoppe b015ut be aware, the rolls tend to go quickly. Also made at the shoppe are pastries, “decadent desserts”, homemade breads, traditional pies and they offer jams and relishes. Hot soup in bread bowls and coffee is served.





Easy access to the Bake Shoppe and about a half dozen small tables across from the bakery counter make it not only a perfect spot to pick up take-home treats but to stop in for a relaxing bite to eat.



Publick House Bake Shoppe, 277 Main Street, P.O.Box 187 Sturbridge, MA 508-347-3313 or 800-PUBLICK. Go to http://www.publickhouse.com/dining/bake-shoppe to place an order.






Check out a Joe Frogger’s recipe from Yankee Magazine below.