By Jacqueline Bennett


It is in ‘unseen’ moments that people often reveal themselves.


Several years ago before Gayle King became a co-anchor on CBS This Morning – (read CBS Rising as retweeted above) – she was a local news anchor for WFSB in Hartford, Connecticut. As such, she was invited to read to the children at Keeney Street School in Manchester, an elementary school in a Hartford suburb where my sister taught grade two. I don’t recall the exact date but what stayed with me was this account about Gayle relayed to me by my sister.


On the same day Gayle was scheduled to be at the school, hot news was breaking in regard to former Gov. Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., I believe pertaining to his plans to run again, or not run again for office. Stations throughout the state were scrambling to get the scoop and apparently the management at her station thought Gayle would have a good chance of getting an interview with Weicker at his Applejack Farm in Connecticut.


However…. she had promised to be at the school that day and read to the children. Gayle not only kept her promise but shared her story about kept promises with the young students.