By:Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb

If I were down to my last $5 it would be a toss-up to spend it on a piece of apple pie from Rein’s Deli or a magazine. Neither is particularly practical when pondering how to use a final penny but at least the pie is food. Truth be told, however, I would probably opt for a magazine – that is how much I enjoy reading magazines.

Obviously, I say this tongue-in-cheek but I do love reading magazines. One of my preferred spots is the long magazine nook at Barnes & Noble. Each month I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the latest editions of my favorite magazines on the stands. I am fortunate too, for several years now to have received a subscription to THE OPRAH MAGAZINE as a Christmas gift from my Seattle family. They are also fans of my writing and believe I should be a writer for Oprah Mag. How great to have family in your corner!

It reminds me of the first time I wrote for the New York Times – newspapers being my other passion – and my nephew Eric said to me, “No matter what, you’ve played for the majors.” Again, how terrific to have family and friends who take joy in your success and remind you of it. Hey, that might make a good “What I know For Sure” story pitch for Oprah mag.

Currently, I have a pending assignment with American Profile Magazine, an anniversary piece slated for two years out. Thrilled though I am, and I am, I have tried to keep my excitement in check until I see the article published.This is a captivating periodical distributed weekly inside the local newspaper, focused on everything American – people, places, food, etc.

As a teenager I couldn’t wait for each new SEVENTEEN Magazine. Then it was on to Glamour. Also, I followed John F.Kennedy Jr.’s experiment in publishing that blended politics and contemporary culture – GEORGE.

Now I look forward to a number of health-oriented magazines including Yoga Journal which has some fascinating articles about how to stretch the body and the mind, HEALTH, and SHAPE, as well as news type publications like TIME, Columbia Journalism Review and The Atlantic. For anyone who has not yet discovered The Atlantic, it’s an interesting read. This month they examine “The Overprotected Kid”, “Fighting Over the Field of Dreams” and for those into wordplay there is a clever essay by Megan Garber decrying the overuse of punctuation titled “Have We Hit Peak Punctuation? : (” – here’s a witty line from this essay!! (oops) -“We have become a nation of promiscuous punctuators.”

For fashion, I like IN STYLE, Country Living for decorating ideas, YANKEE Magazine for all things New England, Boston Magazine and The Improper Bostonian because I adore Boston & so many others…. So, excuse me while I start counting my pennies – it’s almost time for the new April issues to arrive in the stores.