"The icicle man has a frozen nose..."

“The icicle man has a frozen nose…”

By:Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb

“The icicle man has a frozen nose, woah it’s cold, achoo it’s cold…”

At this time last year we were snowbound in Connecticut thanks to a powerful nor’easter that between February 8-9 brought heavy snow and hurricane force winds. Although there has been considerable snowfall here this winter causing flight cancellations, school closings and a depletion of salt reserves in many town’s public works departments – the real story continues to be frigid blasts of air and Arctic-like temperatures. Despite occasional spikes, for the most part temperatures have hovered in the low double digits, single digits and below zero. Yesterday morning it was 11 degrees when I started the SUV.

At this time last year I awoke to snow several feet high blocking my doorway, this winter glistening icicles dangle from the roof’s edge. Notable groundhogs, such as Chuckles at Lutz Museum in Manchester, Conn. have made their perfunctory predictions of six more weeks of winter. As for today and the coming week, ACCUWEATHER describes the current weather system as “sneaky” and “evolving” – but some amount of snow is predicted to fall at some point – basically – winter continues in New England.

I stumbled upon an old recording of this children’s song on You Tube – Icicle Man – seemed quite fitting  – here’s the link – http://youtu.be/4Rnik5Ua4cg – enjoy!