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It was a wicked sweet win for the Boston Red Sox who clinched the 2013 World Series last night in Fenway Park – the first series championship won at home since 1918, the Babe Ruth era. It would be eighty-six years before the Sox would win subsequent world series titles but those were on the road. Last night’s victory could not have been any sweeter for Red Sox Nation fans, and for the team that became the rallying point for “Boston Strong” in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings in April. The Sox came back from low standing early in the season to make it into the world series and now have taken the title, representing the resiliency displayed by the city and the bombing victims.

Replay - Another sweet memory of Fenway Park....

A sweet and personal memory of Fenway Park from  Aug. 2010.

Under new Manager John Farrell the Sox forged onward and upward after the bombings. David Ortiz, who was named series Most Valuable Player has been credited with bolstering the ball club to unite and step up their performance on behalf of the city – their wild, hillbilly-like beards became a symbol of their unity. Accepting the MVP trophy with his son by his side, Ortriz was praised for his conduct on and off the field throughout the series.

Backed by solid defensive fielding, lead off pitcher John Lackey kept the St. Louis Cardinals at bay for multiple innings during Wednesday night’s 6-1 victory, with help from relief and closer pitching. It was a hit from Shane Victorino that ignited the game for the Sox.

In Boston, everyone is a Red Sox fan outside Cheers Bar, Boston, MA.

In Boston, everyone is a Red Sox fan – Cheers Bar, Boston, MA.

Interviewed by sportscaster Erin Andrews after the win, Victorino said his parents taught him to savor and appreciate every moment in life. That he said is how he approached the season and each turn at bat, especially last evening – as a moment to give his all.

In a city steeped in American History, thanks to the Red Sox for making this series and game six another moment for the American history books !  “Boston Strong”…