Commentary by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb

001After what is being described as the shellacking the University of Connecticut football team took yesterday against the Buffalo Bulls it’s time to say it, so far, the fierce face Husky has no bite. Oh, I wish it wasn’t so. Despite making clear my distaste for the change to a mean face Husky logo a few months ago, I also made it clear that my loyalty remained with my Alma Mater’s teams.

I would have liked nothing better than for UConn football to be touting a 4-0 season and pointing their fierce face helmets smugly at those of us who opposed the new look. Instead, things seem to be going from bad to worse, 0-4 for the fierce faced Huskies having been trounced 41-12 in UB stadium; I would say at the hand of the Bulls but it sounds like our own team had plenty to do with the loss – fumble ,turnovers, etc. They now go on to league play in the new American Athletic Conference.

I couldn’t have been happier last week to need to eat my words over anticipation that UConn would get creamed when facing nationally ranked Michigan. Rather even though they lost, UConn held its own and dominated for a good part of that game. Thus, it appeared a victory had to be coming.

Not only did UConn lose yesterday but the team lost badly – adding to calls for the head on a platter of Coach Paul Pasqualoni.

At this point to say the bark of the fierce faced Husky is worse than its bite is an understatement. By now if he could – the ole’ friendly face Husky would rightfully be beyond smiling – laughing up the sleeve of his friendly face UConn jersey.002