Write-Up & Photo by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com

Bells of Ireland delight the senses.

Bells of Ireland delight the senses.


With the approach of St. Patrick’s Day it is common to see a bounty of shamrock and clover decorations. Another lovely ornamentation to consider in celebration of the upcoming St. Paddy’s holiday are Bells of Ireland that delight the senses. A few years back I saw them featured in a March issue of “Country Living Magazine” and immediately set out to find a bunch – they are so beautiful, a wonder of nature that is simply a joy to behold.


Ironically, Bells of Ireland are said to originate in Turkey but it is easy to see how they acquired their name. Graceful long stems that grow between two to three feet tall of bell-shaped leaves in varying hues of green surrounded by delicate white flowers with a subtle, pleasing fragrance. According to on-line sources, Bells of Ireland are part of the mint genre and represent luck. 


In Connecticut, I’ve only been able to locate them around this time of year but I just may plant some myself this spring. They are known to sow early, grow best in homemade compost and are able to tolerate light frosts.


Bells of Ireland are a such a delight, they are worthy of being written about.