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A bit of sorcery may well be in play at Harry’s Place where right before one’s eyes, side-by-side, juicy hot dogs and chubby burgers are grilled to perfection then tucked inside fresh plump rolls – look below the dogs for chili, cheese or browned onions. Currently, ‘chef ‘ Ronald Clark is one of the grill wizards at the restaurant. And, don’t be surprised to see owner John Garet at the register – the third among owners since the original.

Owner John Garet and his niece Emma Tuohy.

Chef Ronald Clark at the grill.

Situated on 104 Broadway near Routes 2 and 85 in a modest looking white roadside shack – which by the way, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places – for decades Harry’s Place in Colchester, has been a must stop en route to and from the Connecticut shoreline.  The menu may be typical of a burger joint, including french fries, onion rings and fried clams but as is true of the best of them, it is the taste that sets Harry’s Place apart. Clam chowder is another big attraction along with a wide variety of ice cream and shakes. On a recent Sunday, Nate and 20-month old Chloe drove down from Glastonbury just to partake of the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Caramel.

Shannon Poirier prepares to cook an order of fries.

The laid back ambience here is also part of the charm. Orders are put in at the counter then folks can sit at picnic tables set in front and on the north side, as well as, being spread out on the grassy, tree-covered grounds in back. Garden furniture has been added in one area. On weekends, almost constantly vehicles jockey in and out of the stone and pebble driveway.

Harry’s Place attracts a broad spectrum of burger-lovers. On this day, thanks to a nearby classic car show, drivers kept pulling in behind the wheels of vintage numbers like a 1960 red and white Corvette convertible, that drew a small crowd of inquisitive admirers. One of those regional gems, Harry’s Place is a destination unto itself or a wonderful way to begin or top off a day at Rocky Neck beach, which in New England colloquialism is ‘down the road aways.”

Nate and 20-month-old Chloe of Glastonbury enjoy ice cream at Harry’s Place.

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Opened seasonally. 860-537-2410.