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CL&P Linemen Hailed as ‘Heroes of the North’ – Restore Power in Maine Hit by Ice Storm

Posted on January 14, 2014

Story by Jacqueline Bennett   Photos courtesy of Mike Larned and Scott Herman                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Seventy-six Connecticut Light & Power linemen…

Hoping for a January Rebound

Posted on January 11, 2014

Having been under the weather – no pun intended- for a few weeks, my energy level has been at an ebb. Typically, I would have been out and about snapping photos of the polar vortex’s impact on New England and sharing that information here. However, I channeled my energy into my work – which by the way included a very pleasant interview with Vladimir Petrenko. Now a skating coach in Connecticut, he is a former competitive figure skater himself and the brother of Olympic gold medalist Viktor Petrenko.   I did take some blog pics on January 2 just as a substantive snowstorm was getting underway following an already moderate snowfall – both coupled with sub-zero and single digit temperatures brought on by what…

Blast of Frigid Air & Snowstorm to Kick Off New Year in Northeast

Posted on January 1, 2014

Best wishes for the New Year from newsandviewsjb!  Button up your overcoat – a blast of frigid air and a snowstorm will kick off 2014 here in the Northeast. According to ACCUWEATHER a bubble of cold air moving down from Canada and making its way from the Midwest to parts of New England later in the week is expected to produce temperatures that could go below zero – the coldest temperatures since 2009. As well, a snowstorm is “brewing” that could drop between six to ten inches of snow in areas from Thursday into Friday. ACCUWEATHER reports the worst of it will be Thursday night when the snow will be heavy compounded by the cold and winds. On a separate note, for anyone who…

First Snow Always Magical

Posted on November 12, 2013

Jacqueline Bennett   “Look out the window” or “Come see.” When the arrival of winter is just around the corner here in New England, those words usually indicate that magical seasonal event – the first snowfall. Though it is not sticking much, the first snowfall near my home came this morning and for a while it was visible on my potter’s bench and the picnic table. Even if it doesn’t last long, that first annual descent of white flakes from the sky is always mesmerizing – it seems to soothe the soul.