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Mom’s Recipe Box: Candy from Candy

Posted on August 1, 2014

                    (Candy from Candy) Marshmallow Fudge I watched my mother make this recipe when I was quite young. Then little by little she let me help, until the first time I made it myself and I was so proud and happy. My mother noted on the recipe card that it was originally tested by one of her best friends – Evelyn Wallen. Then Mom tested it herself. The Marshmallow Fudge is sweet – just like the memories of cooking in the kitchen with Mom. –┬áCandy Bennett       INGREDIENTS 3 cups sugar; three fourths cup milk; 2 teaspoons cornstarch; 1 teaspoon vanilla; pinch of salt; 1 tablespoon butter; one half cup cocoa; one half…

Truer Than True – In 2016 It’s Now Happy 112th Birthday to Dr. Seuss!

Posted on March 2, 2014

  (3/2/2016 I am re-posting this piece originally published in 2014, and adding Happy 112th Birthday Wishes to Dr. Seuss!! It is a personal favorite of mine because it highlights a wonderful author of children’s books, and seeks to recognize the many teachers who everyday inspire young people to love reading. For me, my sister is tops on that list. I visited her classroom many times and observed her students mesmerized by whatever storybooks she was sharing aloud with them in the most entertaining ways. To pass on a love of reading is one of the greatest gifts one can give in life.- JB)   Write-Up & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett   “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is…