Reporting from the State Capitol - Legislative Office Building - October 2013.

Reporting from the State Capitol – Legislative Office Building.



002A Connecticut-based writer/journalist and University of Connecticut graduate, my work has been recognized with five Society of Professional Journalists, Connecticut Chapter awards for excellence in journalism. In addition to Connecticut publications, I have written for The New York Times and The Boston Globe. 


How great ! newsandviewsjb articles and photos have been reposted on many websites including the Manchester Historical Society (Manchester, CT), as the welcoming page for Center Perk Restaurant (Manchester, CT), Abbots Lobster-in-the Rough (Noank, CT) as well as numerous Facebook pages such as ~ the CT National Army Guard, Ct Trees of Honor, CT Lt. Gov Nancy Wyman, Ellington Farmer’s Market (Ellington, CT), Manchester Arts Commission (Manchester, CT), Harbour House (Mystic, CT) and more. And, look for my New Hampshire Maple Weekend pic “How Sweet It Is” on Yankee Magazine’s New England Living Today!

Super Bowl Sunday kick-off breakfast at Sadler’s Ordinary in Marlborough, CT to support our New England Patriots. Joined by the newest Pats fan in the family 1-year-old Thomas and his parents Michelle and Tommy – with me, Candy, Dixie and Mike. (Melane wasn’t feeling well that day.) 2/3/2019 The Pats won!


Pink Birthday Roses March 2018








Love the Woodstock Fair! Sept. 2017 This fair is a great stroll along hand~in~hand Saturday date night !



May 24, 2017- With the arrival of warmer weather it is time for me to take the necklace from my jewelry box, handmade by my talented nieces Katie and Sofia. I simply adore it. I adore its simplicity, the seashell design – and most of all that the two girts made it just for me. ~ JB


At Sadler’s Ordinary 2/5/2017.


February 9, 2017 – Oh my gosh! What an unbelievable Super Bowl – on the edge of my seat. Our QB Tom Brady and the New England Patriots came through! See two related stories I wrote, one posted before the other posted after the game on 2/5.  So pleased with the participation for the “Coast to Coast” piece. And so happy to share Super Bowl Sunday at Sadler’s Ordinary !



Near the start/finish line for the Manchester Road Race Thanksgiving Day 2017.


Outside the Elks Lodge on Super Bowl Sunday 2/7/2016.

Outside the Elks Lodge on Super Bowl Sunday 2/7/2016.


February 8, 2016- Yesterday was a whirlwind! So many I know are fans of “Remy’s Grinders”, and since I was headed to the Elks Lodge to do a short follow-up piece on the Super Bowl Sunday fundraiser for Windham Bigg Play, I also did a pick-up run for all the grinders we ordered. Next came the delivery which brought me from central to southeastern Connecticut and back again. It was simply a gorgeous winter day for the drive and I enjoyed every minute of it, as the sun shone on the foot or more of snowfall which arrived a few days back. (More snow is predicted for today – expected to start anytime now).

Glad for the non-profit Bigg Play – which sends young baseball players on goodwill trips abroad – that they did so well again this year. See today’s follow-up story. – JB





January 12, 2016 – Best Wishes for 2016! I have begun the new blogging year by publishing my 425th post. Add to that the articles I have had published as a journalist and the number is in the thousands. It’s quite daunting.

A cherished tea cup.

A cherished tea cup.

My first newsandviewsjb post of the New Year published 1/11 is about the first-ever National Hot Tea Month being observed this month. Today is also the first-ever National Hot Tea Day. I’m a tea lover – perhaps stemming or should I say ‘steeping’ from my English heritage – so I enjoyed writing this piece.

A cherished teacup on display in a small curio cabinet in my living room was brought over from England by my great – great – great grandmother – any more greats and as my sister said it would probably put the timing around that of the Mayflower. HA!  In fact, according to oral family history, the Bennett Family is related to the Comforts whose relatives sailed to America on the Mayflower, but I have not yet been inclined to research and verify this information. One of my nephews, however, has traced the family tree back several generations in England to John Bennett which tickles us because my dad was John Sr. and my brother is John Jr.

Happy Birthday Mom !

Happy Birthday Mom !

Today is the anniversary of my mother’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mom! It has been five years since her passing and all of us in the family still think about her. She loved snow and coincidentally after a snow drought here in central Connecticut, happily snow is predicted for tonight – a perfect gift on this day. – JB




Reposted on Ellington Farmer's Market website.

Reposted on Ellington Farmers’ Market website.

December 21, 2015 – newsandviewsjb article “Yankee Magazine Food Awards Winner Helps Draw Crowd to Winter Farmers’ Market reposted by market master on Ellington Farmers’ Market website.- JB




Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas 12/6/2015

Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas 12/6/2015

December 9, 2015 – Okay, it’s not “me and a red Corvette” but this MINT 1950’s Chevy is pretty neat. Vintage vehicles from East Coast states turned out for the event. I made sure to find a Connecticut license plated car for the photo. ~ Jackie





October road …… 10/12/2015.





Oct. 13, 2015 – My favorite time of year – autumn in New England. Me on an old country road near Storrs, CT after my stop at the Buell’s Harvest Festival in Eastford – see story posted today “Harvest Festival Draws Crowd to Buell’s Orchard”. – Jackie





Hartford, Connecticut Summer 2015


August 1, 2015 – I snapped this “selfie” outside the Old State House in Hartford, Connecticut. I adore this photo because I have always been drawn to the dignity of this building. It has been a constant in my life since I was a child, growing up and driving into the city where my dad worked. Along the north side of the Old State House as you enter Hartford from the highway is Central Row, where there used to be what was called “The Isle of Safety”. Connecticut Company buses would line up to load and unload passengers there. On Saturday mornings when my family and I would drive into Hartford with Dad – he went to work and we went shopping – it was bus after bus after bus in a row, to accommodate the bustle. (Look for my story about exterior renovations underway at the Old State House to be posted soon.)

Great interview with NFL's Chris Baker at Bart's Drive-In July 10 in Windsor, CT. Look for my newsandviewsjb story to be posted Monday, July 13. Shown left to right Windsor Mayor Don Trinks, Chris and me. - Jackie

Great interview with NFL’s Chris Baker at Bart’s Drive-In July 10, 2015 in Windsor, CT. Look for my newsandviewsjb story to be posted Monday, July 13. Shown left to right: Windsor Mayor Don Trinks -also owner and general manager of Bart’s- Chris and me. – Jackie



June 19, 2015- Discovered newsandviewsjb write-up on the “Taste of Mystic” is posted on the Harbour House facebook page. How nice. – JB 



March 26, 2015 – Appreciated receiving a “thank you” call from Munson’s for my 3/24 post “It’s Chocolate Covered Raisins Day – Head to Munson’s”. – Jackie


March 7, 2015 - Thrilled to hear from wordpress that newsandviewsjb readership is booming!

March 7, 2015 – Thrilled to hear from wordpress that newsandviewsjb readership is booming!

My new favorite pic. All for the Patriots! Behind us a mound of snow - of course- outside Sadler's Ordinary in Marlborough, CT where we kicked off Super Bowl Sunday with a "Go Pats!" breakfast.

My new favorite pic taken Feb. 1, 2015. All for the Patriots! Behind us a mound of snow – of course- outside Sadler’s Ordinary in Marlborough, CT where we kicked off Super Bowl Sunday with a “Go Pats!” breakfast. We WON!









Feburary 2, 2015 – Check out my new favorite pic taken on Super Bowl Sunday – read today’s post “New England Patriots Win Super Bowl, Defeat Seahawks – ‘From Sea to Shining Sea’ We Had It Covered”. – Jackie


Feb. 2, 2015 – Wow! The response to the newsandviewsjb story “Lengendary ‘Remy’s Grinders’ Reappear on Super Bowl Sundays” has been great! As of today, views of the article are approaching 2,000 and it has been viewd on Facebook 666 times .

When we went to pick up our “Remy’s Grinders” on Sunday, I heard from the Bigg Play president that they too had gotten a tremendous response from the story – the grinder sale is a fundraiser to help send youth baseball teams abroad.

'Remy's Grinders' still rule!

‘Remy’s Grinders’ still rule!

I want to send out special thanks to Melane, who first posted the article on her Facebook page, and to Deb who reposted it on a Windham nostaligia site.  – Jackie




Feb. 1, 2015 – How nice – a link to my ‘Silk City Chorus/ I’m Your Puppet!’ article is posted on the Manchester Arts Commission facebook page. – JB



December 9, 2014 – During a visit to the Old Manchester Museum for a holiday open house I came upon a “Manchester Herald” box – see today’s post “Mulberry & Manchester – What’s the Connection?..” I began reporting as a correspondent for the Herald. – Jackie

Among the relics at the Old Manchester Museum - a Manchester Herald box.

A “Manchester Herald” box at the Old Manchester Museum .



December 5, 2014 – Another pleasant surprise – in searching out eating spots in Greater Hartford I discovered a newsandviewsjb story I wrote is now the welcoming page for the Center Perk restaurant website! – JB


Center Perk website features newsandviewsjb story.



November 17, 2014 – Pleasantly surprised to hear from Au Bon Pain restaurant with a thank you for the write-up I posted today about their Westfarms cafe, “Destination: Au Bon Pain – Holiday Shopping Oasis at Westfarms Mall.” As well, they retweeted my story to 3,887 of their Twitter followers. – Jackie 003



October 3, 2014 – This morning I added my contribution of Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and chocolate chip cookies to the “Mom’s Recipe Box” family project, a series I have been running on newsandviewsjb since July. It has been a rewarding experience and I am enjoying reading each write-up that is sent with the recipes.

048For those who have followed my commentaries about the change of the mascot logo for the University of Connecticut, my Alma Mater, “Say It Isn’t So – Friendly UConn Husky Mascot to Go” (posted March 19, 2013), “Fierce Faced UCONN Husky Has No Bite” (posted September 27, 2013) and “I’ve Gone Over to the Hungry Husky Dark Side” (posted May 11, 2014), this photo that accompanied my “Mom’s Recipe Box” submission is proof that I have joined the ranks of those sporting the new fierce faced Husky.

Nonetheless, my heart still belongs to the effervescent, smiling Husky. JB




Waiting at the Long Red Counter of Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough – see 8/12/2014 Destination post.

Pleased that Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough posted a link to my newsandviewsjb story on their website – Jackie

Who's the puppet? At the Ballard Institute & Museum of Puppetry - see story posted June 28, 2014.

Who’s the puppet? At the Ballard Institute & Museum of Puppetry – see story posted June 28, 2014.












June 28, 2014- See newsandviewsjb story posted today, “Ballard Institute & Museum of Puppetry Reflects Unique Educational Opportunity.”  Enjoy! – Jackie






Misquamicut Beach 6/7/2014


June 7, 2014- Yesterday I took my first trip down to Misquamicut Beach in RI since Hurricane Sandy hit two years ago (see today’s post Destination – The Andrea). One of my favorite parts of this popular summertime spot, which I remember from before the storm, was a striking stone fireplace. One now stands on the Andrea’s outside patio bar. -JB



May 6, 2014- I learned this morning that a link has been provided on the Connecticut National Army Guard facebook page to my newsandviewsjb article “Malloy, Wyman, Blumenthal Join Groundbreaking for CT Trees of Honor Memorial” (4/18/2014). It was posted by the guard with a notation that among the fallen from Connecticut  in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to be memorialized by the living trees are four Connecticut National Army Guard soldiers: Sgt Felix Del Greco, Spc. Robert Hoyt, Staff Sgt. JosephFPhaneuf II and Staff Sgt. Edwin Rivera. – JB001




At the UConn Dual National Championships Parade – see dual posts 4/14 & 4/15.


April 13, 2014 – A glorious day for a parade! -JB


March 15, 2014- On Wednesday I attended “Women’s Day at the State Capitol 2014” hosted by the state Permanent Commission on the Status of Women in Hartford, CT. This year’s forum examined the effect of gender for female journalists reporting on politics and public policy. In that the COLD weather has persisted into early March, it was a brisk walk to the Legislative Office Building – I did not wear high heels but did have on lip gloss – see related post from 3/13 “No Cigars, So Are Lipstick and High Heels Tools of the Trade for Female Journalists Covering Politics?” – JB


March 1, 2014 -Shared a comment with Yankee Magazine on the newsandviewsjb post about Jordan Marsh Bl008ueberry Muffins! -JB

CT Trees of Honor Memorial Facebook page.

CT Trees of Honor Memorial Facebook page.


February 2014- Proud to have a link on the CT Trees of Honor Memorial Facebook page to the newsandviewsjb article “Help Move the Earth for Soldiers Who Died in Iraq and Afghanistan” posted 2/20/2014. 010


6/11/2013-Serendipity (one of my favorite words) at Nevers Park – see my story posted earlier today, “Impromtu Encounter With Silk City Chorus Leads To Beautiful Serenade” – JB  



1/2013 -According to WordPress, newsandviewsjb is being read in seventy-three countries, the top three being the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Wow,  it boggles the mind to think that as I sit at my computer writing my posts have a global reach! Best Wishes for the New Year – Jackie 


In front of the Connecticut Building at the 2012 Big E.

Connecticut Day at the Big E.


9/29/2012 This September marks the one year anniversary for newsandviewsjb. Yesterday I published my 80th post and it has been a busy few months since I last paused for reflection here. It was my privilege in June to cover the announcement of the selection of a site in Middletown for a Connecticut Trees of Honor Memorial. The grove of trees that began as one citizen’s dream is on the way to becoming reality through a grassroots effort. It will honor Connecticut soldiers who died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last Wednesday, it was simply a glorious Connecticut Day at the 2012 Big E. Lt.  Governor Nancy Wyman attended. So glad I happened to check out the New England Grange building where I came upon a quilt being raffled off to benefit the Ct Wounded Warriors Project.

newsandviewsjb “liked” on lieutenant  governor’s Facebook page

Autumn is my favorite season. There is nothing like autumn in New England! Breathtaking foliage, crisp, cool air, turtlenecks, corduroys and wool sweaters, nestling by a fireplace with a good book and football games – Tom (could he be any cuter) Brady has taken to the gridiron once again as quarterback for the New England Patriots, and my UConn Huskies are back in play. Until next time……  Jackie


Storrs, CT 5/13/2012


5/15/2012-Drove out to UConn’s Storrs campus on Sunday May 13th to take a last look at Memorial Stadium – starting this week it is being dismantled. See related post for 5/14 titled ” ‘There are places I remember…’ Good-bye to UConn’s Memorial Stadium.”


2/17/2012-In September 2011, I launched newsandviewsjb with a story about a compelling 9/11 tenth anniversary tribute. Since then for my news blog, I have had the opportunity to photograph Connecticut’s lieutenant governor at the Big E, and review and photograph “The People’s Project,” a renovation project at the governor’s residence in Hartford. I have added semi-regular features, “Destination” and “From Mom’s Recipe Box.” I have used this forum to try to raise awareness about meaningful causes, as well as, current events in articles such as “Dear Soldier…”

As I approach writing my 38th post it seems like a good time to pause and reflect. I am enjoying writing for this venue – I am appreciative of family and friends and those who discover my posts in the ‘blogisphere’ and log on, and I am appreciative of the many wonderful comments I have received. Thank you for reading newsandviewsjb   – Jackie