Tom Brady is “Lord of the Rings.”

Commentary by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com

The Patriots t-shirt I bought after out first Super Bowl victory and wore last night..

The t-shirt I bought after the Patriots first Super Bowl victory and wore last night.


“The G.O.A.T.” took New England Patriots fans on a wild ride last night. Ultimately, quarterback Tom Brady and his teammates delivered a 34-28  comeback victory against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

It was historic on so many levels, from the historic seventh appearance in a Super Bowl of a head coach-quarterback combination, to their historic fifth win, to Brady’s fourth MVP trophy to the five Super Bowl rings our New England ‘Lord of the Rings’ can now wear, to the first overtime win in a Super Bowl. Last but far from least, the Patriots victory delivered some sweet justice in the aftermath of the NFL commissioner whom -in connection to allegations without evidence- wrongfully punished our QB.

As former Patriots player Vince Wilfork put it, “That should shut up all the doubters about who the greatest QB of all time is!! Congrats to patriot nation #tommieboy!”








A Return to Sadler’s Ordinary On Super Bowl Sunday – February 5, 2017


Photo by Jacqueline Bennett



Sadler’s Ordinary in Marlborough, Connecticut was lovely as ever on Sunday, February 5. Its quintessential New England setting and decor made it an ideal spot to kick off the day in anticipation of the New England Patriots in a Super Bowl match-up, as we had done in 2015.


Our 9:30 a.m. breakfast reservation for five began beautifully, a pleasant harbinger of what was ahead. We were greeted by a “Go Pats” sign on the specials board along with a smiling hostess and immediate seating. 


Melane, me, Dixie, Mike and Candy. Hooray Pats!


Check out the specials board in the background.

Check out the GoPats! specials board in the background behind my nephew Mike and his wife Melane .

Decked out in our Patriots team gear, plenty of Patriots love surrounded us at a table by the window which was across from a lit fireplace. On the bakery counter sat a large basket of homemade breads, a teaser for the taste buds. My personal favorite is Sadler’s Raisin Bread. Meanwhile, tables and chairs stacked together on the outdoor patio amidst patches of snow seemed to beckon springtime visitors.



Mike and me outside the Windham Elks.

Mike and me outside the Windham Elks.

As is typical of Sadler’s, the food was delicious – Cinnamon Raisin French toast, scrambled and over easy eggs, home-fried red potatoes, sausage, bacon and a gluten free roll option, all got good reviews.  


Mike and Melane met a former classmate at the Windham Elks Tom spector, he helped make the grinders for the Bigg Play fundraisers.

Mike and Melane met friend Tom Spector at the Windham Elks . He had helped to make the grinders for the Bigg Play Super Bowl fundraiser.

 Windham Elks is just west of the Frog Bridge where the famous creatures were still clad in winter scarves.

Windham Elks is just west of the Frog Bridge where the famous creatures are perched clad in winter scarves.


Oh those “Remy’s Grinders!”





From Marlborough we drove in a two SUV caravan to Windham and picked up our “Remy’s Grinders.” Seasoned with nostalgia, they are sold to benefit a good cause – Bigg Play’s youth baseball program.



All in all, a very good day. Hooray Pats!